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Workers’ Compensation for Employees

If you live in Sacramento or anywhere California, and you’ve suffered an injury at work, you have the right to seek benefits pursuant to the California Workers’ Compensation Act. By law, you’re employer is required to provide you with medical care and treatment and if necessary, pay you other workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ compensation system operates on a no-fault basis. Neither an employee’s negligence nor the negligence of his or her employer are taken into consideration in approving or denying benefits.

We work with ALL types of Sacramento employees, below are a few examples:

Some types of benefits

Different types of workers’ compensation benefits are available in California. The primary benefits follow:

  • Payment of all reasonable medical bills in connection with the injury or illness
  • Temporary total disability (TTD) payments averaging 2/3 of the injured employee’s average weekly wage during the time that the injured employee is unable to work
  • Permanent partial disability (PPD) after reaching maximum medical improvement
  • Death benefits to a spouse and dependents in a fatal work-related accident

Workers’ Compensation for Employees in Sacramento

You might be a long-term and loyal employee of a company. After 15 years there, you suffered a serious work-related injury or slowly developed a repetitive stress injury. Remember that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer isn’t going to be very loyal to you. It stays in business by receiving premium payments and paying out as little as possible or nothing at all on claims. The legislature has set strict notice deadlines, so you don’t want to sit on your rights. If you’ve been injured at work anywhere in or around Sacramento, contact this law firm for a free consultation and case evaluation. You don’t need to bring a penny with you either. No legal fees are even charged unless a settlement or award is made on your behalf.