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Denial Of Medical Treatment

When Suffering from a work related injury, you don’t expect to get a denial of your medical treatment. You expect to receive immediate medical treatment by a doctor who will attend to your medical needs. Unfortunately, when dealing with more complex injuries, the harder it is to get the treatment you need to bring you back to normal health, so you can get back to working.

If you are denied medical treatment call (916) 444- 7557 to get a complimentary evaluation.

Doctors are often more interested in making sure that the insurance companies are happy than they are concerned with taking care of your needs. It can also seem like there is a complex maze of regulations and laws standing in your path at every turn. The Medical Provider Networks (MPN’s), the utilization reviews, and independent medical reviews can make fair medical treatment difficult to obtain, Keeping you from healing and going back to work. This is an experience that you shouldn’t have to suffer through alone. The law Firm of Alice A. Strömbom is here to help.

Our Sacramento Workers’ Comp lawyer will help by:

  • Working with medical professionals so you receive the proper medical treatment
  • Challenging insurance companies
  • Fighting to defend your rights to receiving medical care
  • Making sure that all the proper paperwork is filled out to make sure the process is done correctly


Any questions that you may have in regards to your rights of receiving medical treatment that is provided by the insurance company, you can contact the law offices of Alice A. Strömbom. We believe strongly that you should receive medical treatment without having to deal with unnecessary difficulties. You don’t need to put up with insurance companies trying to refuse to provide you with medical treatment. A determined and persistent pursuit of your rights to receive medical treatment is our highest priority. During this difficult and stressful process, The law office of Alice A. Strömbom will fight for you to get the treatment you deserve.