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"Alice contacted me immediately after sending her a message. When we talked on the phone she answered so many questions I needed. Alice is very great at what she does. I am extremely happy to have met her and I have decided to Hire her has my Attorney."
- Anonymous
"Alice was amazing! I regret not hiring her sooner. I had a workers comp case open for about 7 months until I finally had it with my work and the adjuster. Not only was I getting the run around from the adjuster but also from the doctors and even my own manager and human's resource manager. They were telling me false information but me being the young college kid I am, I didn't know what was the truth and what wasn't. Alice made the process quick and easy with lots of help also from Ms. Anna, of course. They made sure I was going to get taken care of. The case was suppose to drag out for another year but instead it only took about 3 months. We settled on a good amount and I could not feel anymore content. Finally I was able to quit the horrible job and see my own personal doctor. I couldn't be anymore thankful for Alice, Anna and the rest of the team. You guys saved me when I lost all hope! Thank you so much again and keep up the fantastic work!"
- Monica
"Alice was awesome. She is caring, and got things done when things needed to be done. Her support staff is fantastic. If you need a " Workmen's Comp" Attorney these are the people you should go with."
- Doug
"After unsuccessfully fighting with workers comp about my temporary disability payments, I hired Alice. She was able to get my temporary disability payments to the correct amount. At the beginning of my case Alice was very busy and it was hard getting in contact with her. It was extremely annoying, however she hired more staff and after that I would usually hear back from her same day. Alice fought for treatments and prescriptions that workers comp didn't want to pay for. She also helped get my payments when they would be late. After years of fighting with the insurance company Alice negotiated a good settlement. If you want a lawyer that will aggressively fight for you, give Alice a call."
- Anonymous
"Alice and her staff are extremely friendly and hard working. I was looking at 0% disability and only $12000 settlement, but Alice was able to get my percentage up and my settlement was $52,000. And honestly im happy with my settlement but sad because i won't need to talk to such wonderful people now that my case is settled. Thank you so much Alice and thank you to your staff!"
- Anna
"When my life seemed to be falling apart, Alice put it back together again and gave me hope and joy and peace for my son and I and for that we will be eternally greatful."
- Ruth
"Alice Strombom was my first choice to hire as my WC attorney. She turned out be my best choice. She was straight to the point from the very beginning. She didnt make a bunch of promises, meaning she did not lead me on about my case. Alice's assistant was very friendly and so helpful. I'm very happy with the service I received from her office. I would refer her services to anyone who ask."
- Cheryl O.