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Sacramento Warehouse Workers and Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Warehouse workers are in a hazardous environment when they go to work every day. Just some of the duties of a warehouse worker include storing or retrieving goods or materials, assembly, packing orders and loading trucks. Getting seriously injured or even killed while on the job is always a possibility. When this happens, families must suffer the financial and emotional consequences. That’s why it’s important to know that California workers’ compensation laws protect warehouse employees when they’re injured at work. Here are some of the risks that warehouse workers face on a daily basis.

Overexertion Injuries
These usually occur when a worker tries to lift a heavy object. The back and shoulders are most often injured body parts in overexertion injuries. These injuries might also occur when warehouse workers are pushing, pulling or lowering heavy objects.Forklift Accidents
When you walk into a warehouse, you might find goods or materials stacked 25 feet high. Forklifts are used to raise, lower or retrieve them. Warehouse workers can be hit or run over by forklifts. The forklifts themselves can overturn and crush an operator or somebody else next to it.

Slip-and-falls and trip-and-falls are common workplace injuries. Slips usually occur in wet or dusty areas. Trips occur in areas with uneven floor surfaces. Debris, poorly placed pallets and poor lighting can all contribute to injuries from slips and trips.

Hit By Objects
When inventory or loads shift, they can fall on workers. These types of warehouse accidents are particularly dangerous when objects fall from above. They can cause serious and permanent brain or spinal cord injuries.

Loading Dock Accidents
Workers can fall off of docks or become pinned between the dock and a truck. Trip-and-falls are serious dangers in these areas. Warehouse workers might otherwise injure themselves while in the process of loading or unloading goods or materials.

When somebody suffers an injury while on the job as a warehouse employee, it’s important that he or she report the injury to a supervisor or other appropriate individual right away. Doing so triggers the employer’s duties. Those don’t only consist of payment of all reasonable medical bills in connection with the injury. If the injured employee cannot work because of his or her condition, the employer must pay that employee a sum equal to two-thirds of his or her average weekly wage. If the injury is deemed to be permanent, a lump sum permanent partial disability payment might be in order too.

Workers’ compensation claims in California involve strict liability for the employer. That operates to the benefit of the injured employee, even if that employee’s own negligence caused his or her injuries. The injured employee needn’t prove that the employer did anything wrong. An injured employee need only show that he or she was injured in the course and scope of their employment by an anticipated and foreseeable risk of that employment. Regardless of that, benefits disputes often arise between employees, the employer and the employer’s workers’ compensation insurer.

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California laws and OSHA regulations are in place to protect you and your family. Our state and federal legislatures are aware of how frequent injuries occur and how they can impact a family. If you’ve been injured in a on the job anywhere in or around Sacramento contact us today.

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