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How Does a California Workers Comp Lawyer Get Paid?

Injured employees will be happy to know that there are no up front costs to hiring an attorney and the initial consultation is completely free of charge. A worker’s compensation attorney is paid a contingency fee, typically 15% of the value of the case at settlement. Additionally, in almost all cases, an injured construction worker will get the best possible outcome by hiring a great workers comp lawyer.

A recent potential client asked:

“I am getting checks from the insurance company but the doctors they are sending me to are not helping me out. I am clueless as to how a workers’ compensation case works. Do I just get paid every two weeks until I can go back to work? If I hire an attorney how do I pay them?”

This is a common question. On of the first questions some people ask us is about payment. Already out of work and injured, how will they hire a lawyer? California workers’ compensation attorneys work on what is known as a contingency fee. That means we don’t get paid unless you do. Thanks to our experience, you will usually get better medical care and more money for an injury even after this fee.

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