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Overexertion Injuries and Workers’ Comp – Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have suffered an overexertion injury on the job and live or work in the Sacramento area, contact Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorney Alice A. Strömbom today for a free case evaluation. She is one of Sacramento’s leading work injury attorneys and works exclusively with injured workers and protects worker’s rights to compensation.

Overexertion Injuries and Workers’ Comp

Overexertion injuries don’t result from pounding nails for 20 years. That would be more in the nature of a repetitive motion injury. Overexertion injuries involve lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, throwing or carrying materials, the act of which exceeds a worker’s limitations. In the California construction industry, overexertion injuries account for about 35 percent of all work-related injuries, and both the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics and Liberty Mutual Insurance put such injuries at the top of all work-related injuries. They often result from unsafe acts along with mechanical and physical circumstances. They happen suddenly and without warning, and they’re almost always musculoskeletal in nature.

Overexertion injuries are commonly suffered by carpenters, plumbers, electricians, steel workers and laborers. Here’s a list of some common overexertion injuries:

  • Back and neck injuries that often require surgery
  • Connective tissue injuries of joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Severe muscle strains that prevent an employee from doing his or her job

Enough of these injuries to the same part of the body over the course of years can ultimately force a construction worker from his or her job. He or she is just physically unable to perform the duties of their job anymore.These injuries may result in career ending injuries.
If you are unable to continue your previous job, you could be a Qualified Injured Worker and entitled to a Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher (Voucher) which is tuition to retrain for another occupation.  Additionally, a Qualified Injured Worker may be entitled to money from the State of California’s “Return to Work Fund”. This money can be used for any purpose but is usually used for living expenses while the injured worker is obtaining education or new job skills.

Contact a Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Today

In almost all cases, an injured worker will get the best possible outcome by hiring us.

California laws and OSHA regulations are in place to protect you and your family. Our state and federal legislatures are aware of how frequent overexertion injuries are and how they can impact a family.

Attorney Alice A. Strömbom focuses exclusively on Workers’ Compensation Law. She is very familiar with the tactics insurance companies use to avoid providing the medical treatment and disability benefits injured workers deserve, and has a recognized track record in combating such issues.

Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation.