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Cuts and Punctures – Workers’ Comp Attorney in Sacramento

If you suffered a work injury such as a cut or puncture wound and live or work in the Sacramento area, contact Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorney Alice A. Strömbom today for a free case evaluation. She is one of Sacramento’s leading work injury attorneys and works exclusively with injured workers and protects worker’s rights to compensation.

Cuts, Punctures and Workers’ Compensation

Cuts (lacerations) are common workplace injuries. They can be caused by sharp tools and objects, jagged edges, damaged or altered equipment, slips and trips or glass. As per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hands and fingers are the most commonly treated body parts in the nation’s emergency rooms. They’re also the most common body part to suffer a laceration or puncture wound. Arm and facial cuts follow.

Severe Cuts and Punctures
A deep cut or puncture can penetrate every layer of skin and sever muscles and tendons. Major reconstructive surgery can be required. Severe cuts or puncture wounds can have lifelong consequences for a worker. The injuries could result in permanent muscle and nerve damage or amputations. They might even cause a person to bleed to death or die from infection.

Types of Laceration Injuries
There are four different types of laceration injuries that workers can suffer. They’re classified by both the nature and the extent of the injury.

  • Cuts from objects like broken glass.
  • Gashes that are long and deep.
  • Avulsions when skin is torn from the body.
  • Abrasions that are like a deep “road rash” injury from a motorcycle accident.

A laceration or puncture wound isn’t going to be difficult to objectively identify. There will be pain, and a victim might fall unconscious due to blood loss. Tissue below the skin and possibly even bone will be seen. Significant disfigurement might be evident.

Treating a laceration or puncture wound depends on its location, it’s size and its depth. It should be flushed, and an antiseptic needs to be applied to help prevent infection. Then bandages or a dressing should be applied. If stitching is required, an emergency room visit is in order. Facial lacerations should be treated immediately in order to reduce the chance of permanent scarring. Severe lacerations might require emergency surgery.

A major medical concern following a severe cut or puncture wound is infection due to contamination. The deeper the cut, the higher the risk of infections becomes. Indications of infection might be discoloration, pus, fever or chills and swelling. Infection can be fatal. If any of those symptoms are experienced, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Report your laceration or puncture wound to your employer right away. You’re entitled to quality medical care when you’ve been injured at work. Emergency room treatment, hospitalization, surgery and physical rehabilitation are expensive. Then there’s the issue of compensation for time lost from the job. A severe workplace injury can financially and emotionally devastate your family.

Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have suffered one of these injuries please feel free to contact us for free advice. We will either help you or point you in the correct direction so you can focus on moving forward.

In almost all cases when someone is injured on the job, the worker will get the best possible outcome by hiring an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

Attorney Alice A. Strömbom focuses exclusively on Workers’ Compensation Law. She is very familiar with the tactics insurance companies use to avoid providing the medical treatment and disability benefits injured workers deserve, and has a recognized track record in combating such issues.

Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation.